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FT4U – Professional, Reliable and Affordable. Always.

As a family run business FT4U specialise in helping SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) businesses achieve the best results they can from their forklift training budget. At FT4U our forklift training team are dedicated to keeping our clients expenditure down by, reducing any unnecessary costs and providing information on the most cost effective forklift training courses to use.

FT4U has a very experienced team of forklift training providers; collectively they have over 100 years of experience as trainers and our forklift trainers know how to help our clients when it comes to achieving maximum benefit from their forklift training course and any other training courses we provide.

Through professional forklift training FT4U help individuals to fulfill their potential in their chosen career, we also help companies with their goals to improve employee loyalty through development, increased productivity and work in a safer environment.

FT4U is a professional forklift training solutions provider we work with individuals who have varying ability and are from a variety of backgrounds, they are all looking for good quality forklift training as they want a career in warehousing, storage or the industrial sector.

FT4U are ready to help and through our forklift training courses we can help individuals and companies to gain  the desired forklift certification in the shortest possible time.

Honesty was always our policy and it still is today

At FT4U we specialise in building long term relationships with our clients and we have been doing exactly that over the last 12 years by providing quality training to the R T I T B standard at realistic prices

FT4U – Mission Statement

Dont delay; Call Today!

Free on 0800 677 11 22 (landlinde) or 03451 80 26 20 (mobile). Ask to speak to Richard or Jane.

The Founder's Story

The story of FT4U from the founder Richard Lott

I started the business in February 2006 and at that time the company was called Forklift Training 4 U this is because all we provided was counterbalance and reach forklift training and I was working on my own

As time went by the training team increased and my wife Jane joined the company. Clients then asked for additional training that was not forklift training so we started to offer additional training courses to meet their requirements

We kept the old website Forklifttraining4U but we started a new website called Firstclasstraining4U and we have used both websites for some time now.

Recently several people whilst contacting us have asked, “are you Forklift Training 4 U or First Class Training 4 U” also some of our clients have said we are not confused we just call you FT4U and that is also in your e-mail address.

“Thank you to all the people who pointed that out to me” and with this information in mind, we are changing our websites to only one website www.ft4u.co.uk and we have changing all of our stationery at the same time “Thank you also for all the work you have created for me”.

FT4U has grown from strength to strength and as a family run business we have built a reputation that people can rely on.

About Out Business

We are a family run business, with family members and some close family friends who are qualified trainers and examiners, providing training to a very high standard.

I wrote the training material which we all use, this gives us all a track to run on with timetables to follow this enables us to provide a standard of training that is consistent from all of our trainers.

Even if a trainer goes sick another trainer can immediately pick up and continue the course with the minimum disruption to the trainees.

We are an RTITB Accredited Training Organisation for the majority of the training we provide, this means you will receive training that meets all the legal requirements and as a family run organisation we will make sure you enjoy the personal service we provide at realistic prices.

Honesty was always our policy and it still is today!

Value For Money

Price means, how much does one of those things cost?

Value for money means, what you get in relation to what you pay for it!

FT4U is dedicated to helping you and or your company, receive professional training at realistic prices.

We will take the time to talk to you and fully understand your training requirements enabling us to help you choose the correct course, which can help you to save time and money.

Our courses are designed to help you learn everything needed to obtain your sort after qualification.

At FT4U we know the best safety device you can fit to a forklift truck is a fully trained forklift driver.

Why Train With Us?

There are four reasons to consider why, “training is good for your business”

1)    Legal implications, It is a legal requirement and by providing training, you will be less likely to be prosecuted by the HSE.

2)    Financial implications, although, there is a direct cost for sourcing employee training.  The correct training will reduce the number of workplace accidents to people, goods, machinery etc and in turn the business becomes more profitable.

3)    The Morale point of view, employees who receive training enjoy their work more, they are more loyal, they have less stress and overall this creates a more positive working environment.

4)    Insurance implications, we all know insurance companies are only too keen to take the premiums but they are not so keen to pay out. Therefore if the correct training has not been provided they could use that to help them find a way not to pay or reduce the pay-out.

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