018 Hydraulic Lorry Loader Crane 300x200 Other Training Courses

Hydraulic Lorry Loader Cranes (HIAB)

Hydraulic lorry loaders are extremely versatile and are used throughout all sectors of industry.

gantry crane 300x200 Other Training Courses

Gantry Cranes

Gantry Cranes are used to transport heavy loads up and down the length of a building or open yard.

abrasive wheels 300x200 Other Training Courses

Abrasive Wheels

Abrasive wheels can be hand held, bench mounted or machine mounted. They are used for cutting off, fettling or grinding.

manual handling 300x200 Other Training Courses

Manual Handling

Manual Handling is movement or support of any load by physical effort: Lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying.

tow tug 300x200 Other Training Courses

Electric Pedestrian Operated Tow Tugs

Several different models are available to suit different applications. As a general guide the Mini handles 250kgs to 5,000kgs, the Maxi handles 500kgs to 10,000kgs and the Major up to 20,000kgs.

tow tractor 300x200 Other Training Courses

Electric Tow Tractor Training

Several different models are available to suit different situations and they are commonly used in Hospitals, Airports, Fabrication Plants and numerous industrial applications. They may have the capability to carry loads, carry people or just to tow loads. They also vary in size, as well as caring capacity and towing capacity.

ladders 283x200 Other Training Courses

Working at Height with Ladders

Working at Height with Ladders is for frequent short tern access where other options are not available. If working at height can be avoided then it should be, if not then you should minimise the distance and therefore the consequences of working at height. A risk assessment should be carried out to determine, whether a ladder should be used or is there a safer method of access or can working at height be eliminated.

cage 300x200 Other Training Courses

Non-Integral work platform (Cage)

The Non-Integral work platform is recommended for occasional use and for short durations. There is HSE guidance in PM28 which explains how to secure the cage to the forklift and the fact that you should be able to lock off certain hydraulic controls on the forklift if the cage is in use.

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