We are always looking for professional instructors to join our family run business at FT4U Limited

Please see below some details of what we and our instructors expect from anyone who may want to work with us


To project professionalism you have to be a professional

First impression create expectations, you need to look and act the part of a professional

People will look at the trainer and judge the company by the look of the trainer

You should be able to have a laugh but the trainees should still know who is in charge

Employees may slag off their truck or the company but a professional instructor should not slag off anyone


Our instructors say: A Professional Instructor stands out from other instructors because:

1     His or her dress code is professional

2     They arriving early to setup, so they are ready to start on time

3     A professional instructor provides a full days training not, trying to get away early

4     Leave personal problem at home (They will be there when you get home) “Thanks Jim”

5     A professional instructor is helpful and approachable to both the trainees and the company paying for the training

6     Being firm but fair, being caring and helpful is the trait of a professional instructor

7     A professional instructor takes pride in their work, not just how they provide the training but the way they look and conduct themselves

8     A professional instructor will realise when a trainee is nervous and be able to put them at ease

9     A professional instructor must have good polite mannerisms

10    A professional instructor must be able to demonstrate the use of the equipment they are training on and have the knowledge required to provide the training

11    A professional instructor will demonstration an exercise first as it shows people what is required and people will learn much quicker if they see something done first

12    A professional instructor knows all the focal points on the equipment

13    A professional instructor repeats time and time again, all the key points to help the trainee to remember (G O B,  3 LLL’s, Pivot point, don’t steer change gear, hand break neutral then hydraulics, stop 6” from the stack to discourage people from walking between the truck and the load, etc)

14    A professional instructor should have good time keeping. Not just for turning up on time but also providing a full day’s work

15    A professional instructor is always kind and polite to everyone (trainees, management, passes by) (No swearing)

16    A professional instructor is punctual by arriving on site at correct start time, correct lunchtime, break times and finish times

17    A professional instructor should be looking like a professional, Clean, Tidied hair, Clean shaven, Dressed smart, possibly wearing a uniform and wearing the correct PPE (toe cap boots, hi vis)

18    A professional instructor has great organisational stills, they follow the trainers guidance notes, they have the correct equipment (learning aids) eg pens, books, paperwork, calculators and they have the correct PPE (gloves, goggles, hard hat etc)

19    A professional instructor always keeps all the trainers on his course fully involved with the course by drawing them in close and asking questions, as well as explaining what is going wrong as it happens.

20    A professional instructor draws all the trainees in close when telling one trainee where they are going wrong, that way when helping one trainee you are helping everyone and saving time as well

21    It also saves the instructor time as you don’t have to say the same thing three times.            Thank you Sam

22    A professional instructor is respectful of all ethnic origins religions, sexualities etc.

23    If a trainee does something wrong don’t let them just carry on, or all your trainees will think its ok to do the same

24    A professional instructor sticks to the timetable and gives a full training course, tea breaks, lunch breaks and other breaks should be at the time set by the RTITB where possible

25    I trained a man we had too many breaks and they were too long although the man was rubbish I failed him for it, he put in a complaint to the RTITB I did not get full pay from the training company because they had to train him again free of charge lesson learnt.          Thanks Dave

26    A professional instructor knows, the training company who give them work, will know through feedback, who is conducting themselves as a professional trainer

27    A professional instructor knows they are representing FT4U and their conduct can help as all stay in work

28    Don’t bad mouth the Company you work for it will get back to the boss, I know I did it (Jack) Feed back

29    A professional instructor realises he/she is representing the company with their image

30    A professional instructor should not look like or act like one the lads, if you see four people walking towards you, you should be able to pick out the professional trainer straight away

31    A professional instructor although we are self-employed, an instructor should respect and follow all the company’s procedures and standards

32    A professional instructor is a person who is organised with a can do attitude

33    A professional instructor is able to think on their feet when things don’t go according to plan

34    A professional instructor upholds their professionalism at all times, they gain trust and understanding

35    A professional instructor has a good code of ethics that they work within and they are honest

36    A professional instructor studies, they are looking for and learning new and better ways to teach, they have an excellent knowledge base when tested or asked questions


If you took the time to read all of the above (we will test you) and you are a professional instructor or if you want to become a professional instructor please feel free to contact Richard

Don’t delay, book your training course today!

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