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01 Counterbalance 300x200 Training Courses


Counterbalance forklift trucks are the most common type of truck, and the type most people think of when thinking of a forklift.

03 Reach Truck 300x200 Training Courses

Reach Truck

The Reach Truck is mainly used in warehousing as it can be used in a much narrower aisle than a counterbalance.

industrial teletruck 300x200 Training Courses

Industrial Teletruk

The Teletruk has been specifically designed and built to meet a number of specific unique requirements.

pivot steer bendi flexi 300x200 Training Courses

Pivot Steer Bendi / Flexi

Pivot Steer Forklift Trucks offer great space savings over Counterbalance and Reach trucks.

04 Electric Pedestrian Operated Truck EPOT 300x200 Training Courses

Pedestrian / Ride on Pallet Trucks

The Electric Pedestrian Operated Truck is used in warehouses and industrial units. It is designed to be used on smooth level floors.

010 Vehicle Mounted Lift Truck Moffett 300x200 Training Courses

Vehicle Mounted Lift Truck

The Vehicle Mounted Forklift Truck is commonly used in industry outside of a warehouse to unload the contents of the lorry.

multi directional forklift truck 300x200 Training Courses

Multi-Directional Forklift

The Rider Operated Multi-Directional Lift Forklift Truck is used to move and handle long loads and where space is restricted.

012 Rough Terrian Telescopic Handler 300x200 Training Courses

Telescopic Handler

The rough terrain telescopic handler is used on Farms, on Building Sites, Waste Disposal, Logging or in builders Merchants.

013 Very Narrow Aisle VNA 300x200 Training Courses

Very Narrow Isle

VNA trucks offers man-down trucks for high-speed lateral pallet handling, man-up trucks for full-pallet handling and high-level order picking in very narrow aisles.

sideloader 300x200 Training Courses


The sideloader truck is used to carry awkward loads, which cannot be carried by an ordinary counterbalance forklift Loads which are of unusual shape or dimension.

014 Low Level Order Picker 300x200 Training Courses

Order Pickers

Order pickers are categorised as low, medium and high-level order pickers. Covering loads that can be picked up from ground level to picking items in tall aisles.

rough terrain masted 300x200 Training Courses

Rough Terrain Masted

The Rough Terrain Masted Counterbalance Forklift is designed to be used on rough ground such as that found on Farms, Show Grounds and Building Sites.

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