04 Electric Pedestrian Operated Truck EPOT 300x200 Pedestrian Pallet Trucks

Low Level

The Electric Pedestrian Operated Truck is used in warehouses and industrial units.

eye level1 300x200 Pedestrian Pallet Trucks

Eye Level

The Electric Pedestrian Operated Truck is used mainly in warehouses situations for moving and stacking pallets.

high level 300x200 Pedestrian Pallet Trucks

High Level

The Electric Pedestrian Stacker Truck has the added advantage of either eye level or high level stacking ability.

pallet transporter 300x200 Pedestrian Pallet Trucks

Pallet Transporter

The Pallet Transporter is normally used for transporting pallets from one low level position to another and is ideal over long distances such as from storage locations on to delivery lorries via a loading bay.

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