018 Hydraulic Lorry Loader Crane Hydraulic Loader Lorry Cranes

Hydraulic lorry loaders are extremely versatile and are used throughout all sectors of industry.

There are several different attachments which can be fitted for example a grab, hook, clamshell bucket, hydraulic clamp, auger.

Novice Operators

A fully comprehensive course aimed at people who have had little or no previous experience with hydraulic lorry loader cranes.

Novice Course Length

1 Novice Candidate
2 Novice Candidates
3 Novice Candidates

2 Days
2.5 Days
3 Days

Experienced Operators

A course tailored to those with experience in operating hydraulic lorry loader cranes however, they do not hold any formal training qualifications.

Experienced Course Length

1 Experienced Candidate
2 Experienced Candidates
3 Experienced Candidates

1 Day
1.5 Days
2 Days

Refresher Operators

A short course designed for those with qualifications and they have completed a formal training course

Refresher Course Length

1 Refresher Candidate
2 Refresher Candidates
3 Refresher Candidates

1 Day
1 Day
1 Day

Specific Job Training and or Familiarisation Training

We can provide either specific job training or familiarisation training the duration and cost will depend on the particular company or individuals requirements

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